Bylaws and hole in one eligibility guidelines

The Barn Men’s Association Bylaws concerning membership and contest eligibility - 

The first Friday in March is when we have our annual Opening Social. This marks the official beginning to our season. 

Membership dues are $40 and include dinner the night of the social. We try and host our “Ice Breaker” Ind Gross/Net tournament the following day (weather permitting). The $40 collected goes into an account in which our closest to the holes are paid out through the year.

Our Hole in One or "ace" pot is paid into by those who participate in the weekly sanctioned Friday and Saturday Chicago formats throughout the year. 

In order to be eligible to win ANY pro shop credits or cash pots you must have joined the Men’s association prior to participating in any event. 

In order to be eligible to win the accumulating hole in one pot you must have joined the Men’s Association AND contributed to the pot by participating in a minimum of (5) Friday or Saturday Chicago events throughout the year. 

A member can now prepay $5.00 into the pot prior to your 5th round played to be eligible for a hole in one on day one.

You are NOT allowed to win the hole in one pot during the "18 Mullies" or 1 Man Scramble (or any event where a player hits 2 shots off the tee.)

Our Men’s tournament committee will now be comprised of (3) members total from each of the following hdcp brackets (0-10, 11-19, 20-higher). Jeff Tucker will represent the lower flight, Greg Stroud will represent the middle flight and Doug Craner will represent the higher flight. 

During the season when "winter rules" come into play, when the committee allows a player to bump the ball, you are allowed to improve your lie but NOT your position. All events will be governed by the latest UGSA rules as well as local rules. 

Hole in One – 10 pts
Eagle – 6 pts
Birdie – 4 pts
Par – 2 pts
Bogey – 1 pt

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